Pay for your sins.

Penance helps you build habits and achieve goals by charging a fine when you screw up.

The Pitch

Are you a quitter? A flake? Do you set goals for yourself, then never follow through?

Yeah, me too. That’s why I made Penance.

I noticed that when I set personal goals, I struggle to get them done. But at work, I have no trouble doing what my boss tells me. When my wife asks me to run an errand, I remember. And when I tell my friends I’ll meet them somewhere, I’m always on time.

When there is someone or something holding me accountable, it’s easy to stay disciplined and get things done.

Penance brings the same accountability to my personal goals. When I want to do something, I put it in Penance and give it a fine. The moment I realize I’m not doing it, I open up Penance and pay that fine.

It’s amazing how much easier it is to do something, when not doing it costs me $5, $20, or $100.

If you struggle to make things happen, Penance might be the accountability you’re missing. I hope you give it a try.

– Jordan

Creator / Owner / SVP, Eng.

Key Benefits

Crush your goals

When you’ve got goals, Penance gives you skin in the game. With your money on the line, procrastinating or giving up isn’t an option.

Kick your bad habits

How do you stop doing something? Make it hurt to continue. Put your bad habits in Penance and feel the pain each time you repeat them.

Features To Max Out Motivation

Configurable Fines

How bad do you want it? In Penance, you set your fines to match your motivation. Fines can start at just $2, and go all the way up to... whatever Stripe’s single-transaction limit is.*

Hate Gifts

Up the ante by designating the NRA, Black Lives Matter, or another exciting cause to receive part of each fine you pay.

Strict Mode

Coming Soon
Worried you’ll give up on using Penance? I got you: Turn on Strict Mode, and Penance won’t let you give up.
* $999,999.99, per their docs. If you believe you need to pay more than that, please contact me. We’ll make it work.

Now Now Now

Got a goal? Let’s put it in Penance.